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The Crew

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< < < Where Are They Now?
Below is a map showing where our shipmates live now:

< < < The USS Truckee Crew
This is, without a doubt, the most complete listing of former Truckee sailors on the Internet. All the names on the listings have been verified. If no email address is listed, I have an address or phone number that can be released to you upon request but ONLY if you are a previous USS Truckee sailor. Otherwise, all information is kept in strict confidence.

< < < Password Protected Listings
In order to prevent spammers from getting hold of these email listings they are "password protected". You can ONLY get the password if you have "listed" with the site (see below). If you forgot your password, you can email me and I will send it to you again. The password is something any USS Truckee sailor would have no trouble remembering. (grin)

Are you listed here?

It's all FREE! Just do it!
If you are a previous USS Truckee crew member, please click here to be listed. It will open a form that will be emailed to me. You can also use the form to change or update your information. I will place you on this listing the next time I update this page. You will be sent a password. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SERVICE INFORMATION IS CORRECT...

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